About Me

Hi! I'm Andie and I'm a married mother of two young girls living in small town Ohio. Although creative design is not anywhere in the hundreds of thousands of student loans I have, it's something that comes very natural to me and I love it. Throughout my life, friends have always told me I need an etsy account or small business or even that I chose the wrong profession. It has been their shoves to my back that took the blogging I began 4 years ago in a new direction to create A Roof Above.

I've never lived in a house or apartment of my own for any longer than three years due to various circumstances but, FINALLY, my husband and I have bought the house we will grow old in! Having been so inspired by sites such as Pinterest and TV shows like Trading Spaces and HGTV for as long as I can remember, I hope I can get your creative wheels turning and urge you to DIY and make your house a home as well as share my progress with my readers.

I have years of ideas in my head and am excited to finally get them out and see them come to life. Join me in my journey and I hope to inspire you as I have been inspired before!

Thank you for reading,