October 22, 2015

WE ARE MOVING.... My Blog is anyways. And very very slowly!

It's been more than two years and a whole lot of crazy since my last post but I'm back doing what I love!  I've been on a very long hiatus.  I took a new job... or two... or three... or FIVE and wound up over whelmed trying to work 5 jobs at the same time, keep up with my kids and, keep my head on straight.  I'm down to 2 jobs, not including being a devoted wife and mom, and my head is spinning with ideas!
I've forgotten how to use blogger from my absence and found a more user friendly site I'm sure you will just love.  This blog is linked to the new site so you can always find your way back here.  I will be updating the new blog with projects from the past few years along with a store front where you can purchase some of my crafts as well.  I'm very excited to introduce http://roofaboveus.weebly.com/!
You can also follow me on instagram and pinterest now too!  I'm still under construction so be sure to check back from time to time as I move and rearrange and add to my new site!
Thank you for your support!

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