August 26, 2013

Homemade "flameless" candles - August Decor

Back in February, I really needed some pink or red candles for my fireplace mantle Valentine's day decor. However, I was too cheap to buy any and have a hard time spending $7-15 per candle each month I redecorate. Well, I was just running through my Fall items trying to decide what I'm going to use to fancy the place up this Fall and got an idea... Flame-less candles out of 12x12 scrapbook paper!
All I did was spend $1.24 on 4 pieces of scrapbook paper that looked like birch/rustic wood. I then wrapped it around the only real candle I own and marked the height and unrolled the paper. Then, I folded the paper in half where I'd made the mark and put a tight crease across the paper. Starting at the top of the smaller half of paper, I began cutting small triangles at the top-kind of like teeth. I took the paper and wrapped it back around the candle and glued it into a cylinder shape. Where the crease was with the triangles, I alternated folding them down and taped it down to give my candle a top. I need to run out and buy twine so I can run a small piece through the top to create the illusion of a wick.
Ta da!!! The look of candles for any occasion without the cost or fire hazard. Not to mention, these babies won't melt when I store them away!  Here they are displayed with my back to school August mantle decorations.

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