June 24, 2013

summer fun

And that bring me up to date and most of the mini projects I've been up to.  Of course, I change my mantels every month and that drives J nuts too.  Whatever.. it's pretty!  Here is my summer theme.

I whipped this little beauty up with some leftover pallet wood.  I'm out of mini starfish but there will be a 3x3 square after a quick trip to the store.  I like it because it doubles for Independence day kinda sorta.

I was bored today and hot.  I was looking for something fun to do out of my big pile of scraps and this is what I came up with out of junk I already had.  Good enough for now I think... we have been traveling all summer and I haven't had the motivation to decorate the house as much.  It broke my heart today when I was at the craft store and all the fall decor was set out.  Isn't it too soon yet?  I mean, it's just now summer and I am not excited about my favorite season at all yet!

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