December 9, 2012

Living room and Fireplace Makeover

Here is the living room right after we moved in.  Tall ceilings, one wall with green paint, ugly drapes and a tiny living space.  

 HERE is our living room today! Note the finished archway that J put in for me!  The fireplace trim is simply some poly resin decorative stuff I found at Hobby lobby and regular old decorative wood trim all painted white.  Nevertheless, I love it and it does wonders.  I can't wait until J gets the crown molding up! 

Here's a close up of the mercury glass I have displayed all over the mantle.  Love me some mercury glass!  I did buy the looking glass paint and I have had a ball transforming random glass stuff to beautiful shiny decor! My tip for the looking glass paint, after reading several tutorials online, is to spray a light coat of paint inside your glass object.  Then, lightly mist...LIGHTLY as in one spray up in the air and catch it in your glass, the inside of your creation.  Take a DRY paper towel and blot the inside and even scrape it down the inside of the glass to remove and scratch away the paint.  Do this several times until you get the desired look you're going for and you will have beautiful faux mercury glass decor.




  1. It is so pretty!!! Love every inch! I want to start decorating for fall but we are going to be getting temps in the 100 this weekend, hard to get in the mood when I'm sweating my bootie off :)Fairmont Designs

  2. I am so jealous of your weather!! The cold we are having right now is messing with my creativity and making it hard to sit in front of a computer posting all the projets I have done! I also went through a terrible depression taking all the Christmas decorations down and facing a boring plain house once again. However, I utilized the entire month of January to get caught up on cleaning and organizing once again.
    Thank you so much for your comments. It has helped push me back into the mood of tackling yet another project!