December 5, 2012

Christmas Entry

In the last post, you saw the NOrth side of our entry so here is what I have hanging on the South wall!
That sign is a little something I whipped up while I was waiting on J to put a second coat of paint on the cabinets.  I simply nailed three pieces of pallet wood together and sanded it lightly on one side for a smooth paintable surface.  Nothing crazy because I hate sanding.
Then I took a regular old paint brush and white acrylic paint and slapped just enough paint on the wood that I didn't have enough to take it to the ends so it looked distressed.

The lettering was relatively easy to do.  In college, I learned this trick where you rub your pencil on the backside of whatever you want to trace.  Then you place the paper, right side up, on the board and trace over the image in pen and it will transfer the pencil onto the white paint.  I free handed "merry"  and the holly but cheated with some simple font off microsoft word.  I painted the letters on with black acrylic paint but you could use a sharpie I'm sure.  I used gray paint for the shadowing then mixed glue and glitter together and went over the paint after it dried because I believe glitter makes everything better!!!!

Here is a close up of my finished project that cost me $0 and looks stunning!  I received several compliments on this at the party I had over the weekend.


  1. Love, love, love this. I am so making one for this xmas.
    Your newest follower :)

  2. I love this too! How did you paint your letters so perfect? What type brush?

  3. Thank you!!! I just pulled it out again this weekend! I painted the white part with a standard old everyday paint brush. For the lettering, I used a very fine skinny artist's paint brush. It did take a little bit of time to make sure it was neat and even but well worth it... especially the glitter part! I did free-hand he the M and the C but I cheated and used a font from word (I can't recall the exact one) to make sure the rest of the letters were the same size and style. I did just see somewhere where they did something similar but put newspaper under the stencil instead of rubbing pencil behind it to transfer it to the board. I haven't done this so you will have to let me know if that works better! I need to make one to keep up year round.