December 5, 2012

Back from my Hiatus

I know it's been quite a while since I've posted anything, but I've been working my butt off and I finally have time to load all the pictures and projects!  We are done with the remodeling downstairs!  Well, we are done with 90% of the remodeling downstairs!  We have a few walls to take out and openings to rearrange yet and paint touch ups here and there but we are done for the most part!
Let's get on with the pictures....
This is the photo taken from the first time we saw the house.  Again, these are not our decorations!

This is supposed to say"this is how our kitchen looked the first day we moved in" but I'm lazy and was in a hurry typing it!

This picture is from this Summer after we replaced the island:

AND THIS, is the kitchen as is today!!!

This is the only photo I could find that shows the pantry door, the guest bedroom door and the basement door together.  Let me tell you how confusing this was for me!!!  So many times I would walk into the guest room when I wanted to get in the pantry and vice versa.  We decided that a guest room right off the kitchen was dumb and we already had enough guest rooms in this house so we turned in into a formal dining area.

Here is the area now.  J did an amazing job adding a second archway and I no longer mix up my doors and guest aren't puzzled when they are trying to find the bathroom!

Here's the breakfast nook before we moved in:

 Here's the breakfast nook while we were trying to clean this disater up!

And here is the kitchen to date!

Ten months later, we finally got the kitchen painted!  We had some hang ups along the way that slowed us down but at last.... the kitchen is painted!  We had to buy a new oven unexpectedly right before Thanksgiving so you might notice that is different.  And if you go back and follow the progress of the kitchen, you will remember we replaced the island this summer and the fridge was the first thing I changed for an energy efficient one in the first few weeks of moving in.  All we did was repaint the cabinets and I still have new hardware to get for them.  I'm taking my sweet time getting hardware because J and I plan to buy all new cabinets in the next few years.  We hate the existing cabinets but can live with these now that they are white.  The paint color we chose for this area is Behr dolphin fin and the accent color is Behr wet cement.  We already purchased tin tiles for a back splash behind the stove.  Not sure when J will feel like installing them but hopefully soon.  Both of us are pretty burnt out right now.  Oh, and all we did to paint the cabinets was use J's spray painter.  I had previously stripped them all down with an amazing liquid sandpaper and he just sprayed on two coats of gripper followed by two coats of white.

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