December 15, 2012

Classy Dog Feeder... a family feature

My brother sent me a text with this fantastic piece in it.  This is a dog feeder he built out of an old dresser.  He has two VERY large dogs and this is such a classy functional way of keeping the food and all other dog items in one place.  The top drawer holds the leashes and brushes and poop bags and anything else doggy related.  If I ever get another dog, you can bet your sweet hiney I'll have one of these in my house!

This is the dog feeder my talented brother built for his dogs.

December 9, 2012

Our Christmas Decor

Since I debuted the rest of the house during the holiday season, I mind as well show you the rest of our Christmas decor.  Enjoy! 
These are my entry way votive jars.  Nothing fancy; just pine from our trees, snowflakes and candy.

This was a giant mason jar I used looking glass paint on to create a mercury glass effect.
Branches from outside spray painted white then painted with two types of glitter.  I LOVE snowflakes.  I just LOVE LOVE LOVE snowflakes of any kind!
The completed project
Please ignore the missing trim under the island.  Hubby just hasn't gotten to it!  I chose to decorate my shelves with an old set of encyclopedias and my Lenox snowmen and mercury glass... of course!
LOVE LOVE LOVE these giant mercury glass ornaments from Home Goods!
More of the faux mercury glass I made
Here is a close up of the pillows I showed off in an earlier post.  Old curtains and acrylic paint DIY.
This was a dollar store/Goodwill replica from a Pinterest inspired post!
My star!
This year the tree is decorated with anything glass, gold and silver.  We used blue and white lights and an assortment of family heirloom ornaments.
Here she is in all her unlit glory!
These stockings are simply an old sweater, felt, pompoms, some funky fringe and mercury glass letters I found at Kohls!
I took the advice of a Pinterest tip and hung my stocking on a small curtain rod and two stocking hooks!  It really does work like a charm.
Found this rustic beauty at Home Goods.  Love the simplicity of the drift wood in its natural state.
You guessed it... I made this lumbar pillow out of a place mat!

Door Decor in Entry

There is a large space above our front door and I really have NO CLUE how I'm going to decorate after Christmas! However, I decided for the holidays to go with a nostalgic scene right out of my childhood. The tree is decorated with brightly colored ornaments and childhood ornaments. I mean we're talking a Popsicle sled I made in first grade! The stocking are the ones my Mom sewed for us all and yes, that's my rocking horse and sled I grew up with.




Living room and Fireplace Makeover

Here is the living room right after we moved in.  Tall ceilings, one wall with green paint, ugly drapes and a tiny living space.  

 HERE is our living room today! Note the finished archway that J put in for me!  The fireplace trim is simply some poly resin decorative stuff I found at Hobby lobby and regular old decorative wood trim all painted white.  Nevertheless, I love it and it does wonders.  I can't wait until J gets the crown molding up! 

Here's a close up of the mercury glass I have displayed all over the mantle.  Love me some mercury glass!  I did buy the looking glass paint and I have had a ball transforming random glass stuff to beautiful shiny decor! My tip for the looking glass paint, after reading several tutorials online, is to spray a light coat of paint inside your glass object.  Then, lightly mist...LIGHTLY as in one spray up in the air and catch it in your glass, the inside of your creation.  Take a DRY paper towel and blot the inside and even scrape it down the inside of the glass to remove and scratch away the paint.  Do this several times until you get the desired look you're going for and you will have beautiful faux mercury glass decor.



Half Bath Makeover

There's not a whole lot to say about this post.  We ripped down wallpaper, took out that weird divider, replaced the over sized hardware and mirror and added a chair rail.  Here's the before and after:



guest room to dining room

One of the main problems with our house (on a long list of problems) was that it lacked a dining room.  Soooooo many bedrooms but no dining room!  Well, my amazing hubby made my vision come to life with a simple ceiling medallion for the chandelier I bought and another archway!  Check out the before and after on this one!

Here is our lovely new archway that leads you into the dining room.

This is a goodwill find!  Once an ugly brass lamp, now a lovely centerpiece in my dining room due to a can of metallic bronzed spray paint!

I love this gallery wall!  I loved it soooooo much that I took the frames from my guest room to recreate it in my dining room so I could see it every day!  I took a few old book pages and printed Christmas silhouettes on to them from the computer for the holidays. 

Here's a close up of the Santa silhouette. 

I love this silhouette because it reminds me of my sister and brother growing up.

All the furniture in the dining room are antiques passed down from generation to generation through my family.  Even though I'm not necessarily a fan of light wood or round tables, there's no way I will be painting or re-staining these pieces.  I do plan on changing out the fabric on the seats to coordinate with the gray and gold I have used in this room though.

Can you believe I got this Spode China at Goodwill for .59 a piece?!?!?  The Spode cookies for Santa and milk for Santa cup were also a Goodwill find for $1 new in the box at Goodwill!

Wthl all the Spode for Christmas, I had to purchase this new Spode Christmas table cloth for $20 at Home Goods.  Still a deal since it was listed on Ebay for $60.

I bought a plain card board house from Hobby Lobby to make this gingerbread house.  I added a coat of brown paint and put mod podge on it after it dried.  The sheen came from the glitter I sprinkled on the glue.

To make the icing around the doors and windows, I just stole my hubby's caulk gun.  Some simple candy left over from Halloween and a real graham cracker for the door and I had myself a realistic decoration I can use year after year! 

December 5, 2012

In-law suite master bedroom to family room

This has been our biggest transformation yet!  We turned the in-law suite master bedroom into a cozy family room.  Here is a before shot of the bedroom when we first moved in:

I still have to paint the back of the fireplace opening black, but can you believe it?  Notice the archway to the right of the mantle.  That wasn't there before and J knocked that wall out to open it into the main living area.  Man my hubby is crafty!!!  He built the fireplace and bookshelf from some pictures I drew and I did the mantle myself.  It was very therapeutic beating the crap out of that wood to get the old distressed look I was going for.

These trees are all made out of old boxes and cardboard and paper I had laying around the house.

Here's a close up of my decor and the mantle.

Below is a pillow I made out of a pretty place mat.  I just painted a "Q" on it because I can never find things monogrammed with our last name.

I have the shelves decorated with Christmas frames and pictures with Santa right now.

I made this "noel" out of scraps of paper and cardboard as well after an inspiring post I saw on Pinterest.

The pillows in the background I made out of some old curtains.  They are simply easy slip covers for my existing pillows and acrylic paint lettered on to say "merry christmas".

To dress up my french doors, I hung red curtains and wrapped garland and candy canes around the top.