September 4, 2012

Play Room Revised Part 2

Since I was able to finally add some color via the bins I repainted, I knew it was time to get some more art on the wall using the same colors.  I started by building 4 squares from left over pallet wood.  I have some scrap canvas from a project 10 years ago and used a staple gun to create a canvas.  I primed the canvas and mixed up acrylic paint in the shades I desired and coated the homemade canvases two or three times.

 Next, I pulled up Microsoft word and printed the words SING, LOVE, PLAY and READ on a few different patterns of scrapbook paper.  I used mod podge to adhere the letter in a block pattern and cut out four hearts for decoration among the letters.  TA DA!!!  Homemade art that didn't cost me anything new!

But I couldn't stop there.....  I had more bins and some picture frames that needed the yellow, turquoise and pink paint.

After I painted the frames, I bought some teeny tiny miniature clothespins from the Woodsies collection at Joanns and used some 20 gauge jewelry wire to hold the girls' artwork.

The next thing I will be doing is repainting the shelves I re-purposed from an entertainment center and the small bookshelf seen holding the toys in the above photos.  I can't wait for the final reveal after all this work!!!

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