September 4, 2012

Play Room Revised Part 1

Labor day weekend was supposed to be dedicated to nothing but painting walls and finishing trim.  However, hurricane Ivan brought nothing but hot, damp, humid weather our way making it impossible to paint.  No big deal because I can always find something to do!  So here's what I started with....
I picked up this crap-tastic dresser and vanity on craigslist for $30.  Do you see a dresser overhaul like I do?

The very first thing I did was smash the hell out of the first two sections of drawers!!!  It felt so good to just break something!

 Next, I cut a custom piece of MDF to fit the dresser for a shelf.  I also purchased bead board to fill in the back and sides of the dresser.

 I have a half dozen gray shades of paint lying around the house so after priming the dresser, I put two coats of Behr Sparrow on the dresser followed by two coats of white.  Once the paint dried, I went back over the edges of the white with sandpaper to distress it some.  

I hated the original dresser pulls, even after painting them, so I attached a single pull I had left over from the kitchen island.  I still have to fill the old holes and paint them but I couldn't wait to show my new playroom storage off!

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