September 24, 2012

Make your own Wheat Decoration

I love these decorative wheat bundles!  But... I've seen them priced anywhere between $100 and $15 dollars.  And I'm sorry, call me cheap but I'm not going to spend a minimum $30 plus tax to put some dead grass in my home.  I needed a money saving solution!

Since it is not wheat growing season here in Ohio, I was SOL to pick actual wheat.  But, a solution came to me when I was scowling at the distinct weed fence between my and my neighbor's property.  Bingo!!  I quickly grabbed some scissors and started cutting down some wild grass and grabbed some cardboard, my trusty hot glue gun and duct tape.

This project is simple!  Roll your cardboard or heavy card stock and tape it in the shape of a cylinder.  Hot glue each stalk of grass being sure to kine the wheat like top at about the same height.

Cut of the uneven bottom and glue a band or ribbon, twine or lace around the middle for a pretty touch.

Ta DA!!!  Here's my beautiful and cheap fall mantle!  Notice I made a small bundle to stick inside a white pitcher on the left side or the mirror.

Now, if only I can get J to finish painting the trim to get rid of the yucky oak so I can paint the walls!

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