August 30, 2012

Watch Me Grow!

Several months ago I stumbled upon a canvas growth chart sold at Hobby Lobby (see below).  I thought it was absolutely adorable and since I have moved several times, it would be perfect to give the kids as a gift one day.  But, I also got to thinking it would be so much cooler if it looked like a giant ruler.

J brought home several pallets for me after I nagged him everyday for the past two months.  I went to work ripping them apart for several projects I have in the works right now.  But, I also thought the wood would be perfect to FINALLY make my ruler!!!  All I did was sand, stain and paint black lines and numbers.  Then I went back through my kids' growth charts I had recorded in their baby albums and got my ruler up to date.  

Here it is hanging in the kids' bathroom:

 For one last added detail, I had some stickers in my craft stuff and I added the stickers next to their birthdays so I could compare both the girls height at the same age.  Poor E!  She is about 6" behind my giant H.  I think she may have gotten the short genes from both sides of the family.  Seeing how she is nearly four and weighs 27lbs, I'm surprised I'm even shocked!

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