August 22, 2012

Already re-doing old projects...

Remember this?
Well, the other day, as I was impatiently waiting on J to finish the foyer, I started to HATE the playroom. I knew that when I put it together that it wasn't perfect and eventually I would get new storage shelving. I'd been begging my husband to do some building since it's been to wet to paint but he always tells me that what I have planned isn't a 24 hour project. I take that as a challenge. So, being who I am, I went with it and this is what I did and have done so far: The problem with the original flashcard design was that a small bump would send the cards falling off their nails. I also started to hate the color I'd chosen for the background. I needed color and I needed it FAST!! Here's how I fixed it. I used teh same hooks I used in my window/jewelry project.

I also took a plain white t-shirt and painted it yellow as the background.  Then, I modge podged some craft paper cut outs of some bird silhouettes I pulled up online.  Wa-LAH!  I totally love the transformation!

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