August 29, 2012

After School Project

H came home from school with a list of her school supplies last week and one of the items she needed was an art smock.  Okay, I have a million old soccer t-shirts she can have.  But, then I got all girly and started thinking she needed something that wouldn't mess up her hair and would be easy on and off.  I remembered that when I was a kid, I wore my Dad's button down shirt on backwards.  I liked this idea except for the fact I remember my sleeves being really baggy and getting into the paint.  I needed to just take a shirt in and cut the sleeves shorter.  This will take me ten minutes tops!  WRONG....

I wish I had step by step instructions but, it will be different for anyone who attempts this project.  All I did was cut the collar off the top using an old shirt of my daughters as an example.  Then, I cut the side seams all the way through the sleeves, leaving the shirt attached by the part that hangs over the shoulders.  Next, I turned the shirt inside out and used my daughter as a model.  I simply pinned the shirt together where it fit her best and sewed and cut new seams.  But, I did get a little fancy by adding ruffles to the sleeves and reinforcing the stitches with a decorative hem. 

As I stood back and admired her smock, I got to thinking it still needed something.  I also wanted the shirt to be fitted around the waist so I though adding ties to the sides of the shirt would be perfect.  But, then I got this idea to use a cute little apron pattern instead.  So, and hour and a half later, I had an art smock fit for a princess!  

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