August 30, 2012

Watch Me Grow!

Several months ago I stumbled upon a canvas growth chart sold at Hobby Lobby (see below).  I thought it was absolutely adorable and since I have moved several times, it would be perfect to give the kids as a gift one day.  But, I also got to thinking it would be so much cooler if it looked like a giant ruler.

J brought home several pallets for me after I nagged him everyday for the past two months.  I went to work ripping them apart for several projects I have in the works right now.  But, I also thought the wood would be perfect to FINALLY make my ruler!!!  All I did was sand, stain and paint black lines and numbers.  Then I went back through my kids' growth charts I had recorded in their baby albums and got my ruler up to date.  

Here it is hanging in the kids' bathroom:

 For one last added detail, I had some stickers in my craft stuff and I added the stickers next to their birthdays so I could compare both the girls height at the same age.  Poor E!  She is about 6" behind my giant H.  I think she may have gotten the short genes from both sides of the family.  Seeing how she is nearly four and weighs 27lbs, I'm surprised I'm even shocked!

August 29, 2012

After School Project

H came home from school with a list of her school supplies last week and one of the items she needed was an art smock.  Okay, I have a million old soccer t-shirts she can have.  But, then I got all girly and started thinking she needed something that wouldn't mess up her hair and would be easy on and off.  I remembered that when I was a kid, I wore my Dad's button down shirt on backwards.  I liked this idea except for the fact I remember my sleeves being really baggy and getting into the paint.  I needed to just take a shirt in and cut the sleeves shorter.  This will take me ten minutes tops!  WRONG....

I wish I had step by step instructions but, it will be different for anyone who attempts this project.  All I did was cut the collar off the top using an old shirt of my daughters as an example.  Then, I cut the side seams all the way through the sleeves, leaving the shirt attached by the part that hangs over the shoulders.  Next, I turned the shirt inside out and used my daughter as a model.  I simply pinned the shirt together where it fit her best and sewed and cut new seams.  But, I did get a little fancy by adding ruffles to the sleeves and reinforcing the stitches with a decorative hem. 

As I stood back and admired her smock, I got to thinking it still needed something.  I also wanted the shirt to be fitted around the waist so I though adding ties to the sides of the shirt would be perfect.  But, then I got this idea to use a cute little apron pattern instead.  So, and hour and a half later, I had an art smock fit for a princess!  

August 22, 2012

Stairway to Heaven... another chapter!

Again, here is a project that we have been working on for months! You may remember THIS HERE.  Well, I'm not done entirely, but the spindles and the stairway have been painted.  All that it left for me to do now is strip the varnish, sand and re-stain the banister and steps and put a good coat of poly to seal my hard work! I'm sure a few nights without sleep will have me the staircase of my dreams!  Oh, and I need to get some paint on the walls!

Wainscoting revisited

A few months ago, I showed our work on the wainscoting with the anaglypta HERE.  Finally, it is painted and are currently painting the walls!  Here is what the final outcome is!

playroom storage on a budget

I needed a storage unit that was low enough to the ground that the kids would be able to put the storage bins back by themselves.  Too many times, they would pick up their mess and then leave the bins on the ground or they would bug me in the middle of something important to pull certain toys down.  This was my previous solution....

You can also see that it wasn't very safe for my three year old to be hiding up in the shelves!  These bookcase shelves were originally from an entertainment center I had purchased in college that held a TV in the middle.  I don't have any photos of it but it was HUGE!  Years ago, I figured out I could take the thing apart and make nice little storage shelves for bins.  One problem though, my husband HATED it!!!
He coerced me to self them on craigslist so I put out an ad and I got so many offers to fast.  I begged and pleaded with him to keep them.  He let me reluctantly.  Around 2am the other morning, I was staring at the bookcases and started hating them myself.  While everyone was asleep, I began working on my brilliant idea!  With a drill and handsaw, I turned the two shelves into this....

Now I know it's not the greatest picture!  But I'm also not done entirely.  I want to paint the unit white and top it with a mahogany stained top.  I'm in the middle of redoing their play table right now and it would match beautifully!  This is what I've got so far on the play table so you can see what I'm talking about...

 Again, it's not a great picture but I was too excited to wait for good light!  Keep checking back for the finished product on both projects!

More refurbished playroom stuff...

After redoing the flash card holder, I couldn't stop there.  I had to redo the bins I's started as well.
With this....

I made these using the same method of painting and modge podging on bird silhouettes out of craft paper...

Please excuse the mess in these photos too!  The house is really undergoing its largest transformation now!  If you are curious about what shelving unit the bins are in now, continue reading on in the next post!

Already re-doing old projects...

Remember this?
Well, the other day, as I was impatiently waiting on J to finish the foyer, I started to HATE the playroom. I knew that when I put it together that it wasn't perfect and eventually I would get new storage shelving. I'd been begging my husband to do some building since it's been to wet to paint but he always tells me that what I have planned isn't a 24 hour project. I take that as a challenge. So, being who I am, I went with it and this is what I did and have done so far: The problem with the original flashcard design was that a small bump would send the cards falling off their nails. I also started to hate the color I'd chosen for the background. I needed color and I needed it FAST!! Here's how I fixed it. I used teh same hooks I used in my window/jewelry project.

I also took a plain white t-shirt and painted it yellow as the background.  Then, I modge podged some craft paper cut outs of some bird silhouettes I pulled up online.  Wa-LAH!  I totally love the transformation!