July 21, 2012

Window Decorating

Several months ago, I picked up this super cute vintage window in an antique store.  I love the look of vintage made new and for $14 dollars, I couldn't pass.  Originally, I wanted to hang the window about the toilet in my guestroom bathroom where I displayed the vintage ladder towel bar. (see here)  Anyhow, J thought I was a fool and hated the idea.  I didn't end up liking it because it was too close to a real window.  I've tried hanging it on three different walls but it's huge and just didn't fit.  Until NOW that is!!!
The other day I was searching for a pair of old earrings of mine for E.  As I was searching, I found a bracelet I forgot I had and a few necklaces too.  Even though I have three jewelry boxes, I forget what I have since I don't have them on display.  I've seen on Pinterest where people creativity display their jeweler y in vintage picture frames and I was 5 minutes from heading out the door when I realized I didn't want to leave the house and thought I'd rummage my things before driving to Goodwill.  That's when I spotted the window....
I had already began busting the glass out of the window when I remembered to grab the camera for a DIY on this project.  To bust the glass out, I din't do anything fancy.  I just put it in the yard and took a rock to it, making sure to get the glass out of our severely droughted lawn.

I sanded and smoothed the frame just to soften it up a bit but decided no to paint it because I liked it the way it was all naturally distressed.

Then, I took a template of the window panes and traced 5 onto a cardboard box and cut them out.

I had some old fabric in a bin with just enough for three windows.  I hot glued the fabric to three of the cardboard sheets.

I made sure to over lap the cardboard like so:

I added two lace strips so I could pin small stud earrings to the lace.

I ran a line of hot glue around the window and inserted the covered cardboard back into the window frame.

I repeated this three times with the burlap looking fabric and used two sheets of left over anaglypta because I didn't have anything better to coordinate with the burlap and lace and I was too tired to go to the store.
For the 6th slot, I found a piece of wire rack from a closet I redid and wire clipped it down to fit the window size.  You could always use chicken wire or rabbit wire instead but again, I was using what I had on hand.

I had a soccer game and did end up at a store looking for hooks of some sort.  I wound up buying these pin sharps for $1.75 at Joanns.  I used my 50% coupon and got two packages.  WOO HOO!

I just stuck the pin sharps directly into the cardboard and it made a really nice, firm, hard grip that can support a great deal of weight more than any necklace I own.

Here's the finished project!  I'm absolutely delighted except for one thing... I have the worst jewelry collection now that I can see everything.  I guess I'll have to get on J to expand my pathetic collection!

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