June 13, 2012

My Island Oasis

Some of you may know that I took a random vacation and left J to work on the house without any excuses. I was hoping that he would finish the wainscoting so I could paint when I got home but, I was in for an even better surprise! While I was gone, Jeremy installed the cabinets, rerouted the plumbing for the sink and dishwasher and had the granite installed! Seriously? Is there anything that man can't do? WOO HOO! Let me tell you what a big deal this is; I moved how long ago? February! I've been doing dishes BY HAND FOR FOUR since then! The worst part was that we bought a new dishwasher more than 6 weeks ago and it's just been collecting dust. Worse than that? We have had 4 sinks delivered to our home, three of which were broken and chipped. For some reason, FED EX couldn't refrain from dropping the front right side of the box resulting in a headache for me and my granite company. No only that, but I went through two faucets! What evs... it's in the past now. Island installed and guess what! I've still been doing dishes by hand out of habit! HA! (J wants me to be sure and include that he is done with the exception of the trim at the bottom of the cabinets for those nit picking!) Before, I had a two tiered, "W" shaped, corian topped island that was neither functional or aesthetically pleasing. Here are pictures from the first showing of the house an after we moved in

Now, I have a lovely 8" x 4.5" counter-height, granite rectangle that I love everything about. I've foregone the kitchen table and eat all my meals at the island now.


 Now it's just the wainscoting I'm waiting for so I can paint like I mentioned earlier. The cabinets in the kitchen will be replace next year so we will be painting them for the time being. We are almost done with phase one! Then we can sit back and relax err... J can sit back and relax, I'm unfamiliar with that word! By the end of summer, our house will be ready for guests and I won't be tripping on boxes and dodging construction. I seriously can't wait!

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