June 23, 2012

Little bit here, little bit there....

I promise I haven't been a lazy bum!  It's just that damn wainscoting!  If J would just finish that wainscoting than I could zoom through this house painting the final rooms!  Okay, maybe J and maybe the heat too.  I have had a few projects finished that I realized I never posted.  So here they are...
My Mudroom
In an earlier post, I showed you how I made chore charts for the kiddos.  Chore charts weren't enough... I run a very tight shift and I needed a command center!  SO... I turned an entire wall in my mudroom into a sophisticated and organized command central.  It consists of the kids' chore charts, a mail area, dry erase board, calendar and pictures of my favorite people... my family!

The calendar is something I made using nothing more than and old picture, permanent marker and stickers.  All I did was draw out a 5x7 grid on the back of a piece of glass with a ruler and permanent marker.  Then, I flipped it over and used the permanent marker to draw in the dates and important events on a few dates.  On the large piece of paper that came with the frame, I attached stickers to serve as the dates and teh word "Month".  I was going to use pretty fabric but didn't want the calendar to be so busy that I was unable to read what I had written.  Eventually, I'll go with a very pale gray to coordinate with the paint we use on the walls.  But for now, it works just fine.  For everything else, I just use dry erase markers to cross off the days and write other events on the calendar.  The reason I used permanent marker on the numbers was so that I could erase whatever I had written in dry erase and not have to worry about wiping off the days of the week.  When a new moth comes, I just put a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and wipe the calendar clean.  FYI... rubbing alcohol is what you use anytime permanent marker finds itself on something it shouldn't! 

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