June 23, 2012

Craft Room

My craft room is my haven.  In the old house, there is where you could find me when I wasn't in the kitchen or playing soccer.  But, because I've been so busy with everything else around here, I haven't had the time to dedicate to making it a beautiful place to work or work on simple crafts.  I work on it a little bit here and there but , this is all I have to show you right now:

 I still don't have a chair for the desk I distressed so, I use one from the dining room when I actually get a chance to work in this room.  I still have boxes of my craft stuff packed up and haven't pulled out my sewing machine ALL YEAR!!!  That's crazy talk if you know me personally. But, I did manage to mail off Christmas presents I misplaced last month and I sat right here at this desk to do it.

If you are wondering about my scissor and pen and marker holders, those beauties are from IKEA.  I found them in the kitchen section.  I don't feel all that original anymore though since I've seen them pinned on www.pinterest.com a few times now.  Oh well.  It's easy on the eyes and very functional for me whether I was the first to pin it or not!

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