May 18, 2012

It's been awhile... oh how I've missed working

I know, I know.... I haven't posted on here in quite some time but that doesn't mean I haven't been working my ass off! In fact, this is what I've done: I got caught up on the last bit of laundry from the time we moved in. Ladies and gentlemen, I did 10 loads of laundry in 2 days to get rid of the piles of clothes strew about in the sitting room. I also managed to get all the book unpacked and shelved on two new bookcases in the sitting room and the desk was finally assembled and moved to the sitting room as well. We repaired the roof before we lost our home owner's insurance and we have been assembling the new island in the kitchen. I finally unpacked my craft room so I could start sewing those famous little dressed I whip up for my girls all summer long. I located Christmas presents that got tucked away and lost in the move. Oops... And that wasn't all... I finally hung pictures in the family room and worked on the yard picking up my second case of poison ivy. And here is a project I've actually taken pictures of thus far: For my craft room, I needed a place to sit. (I'll share pics of my awesome creative space when I finally have ALL the boxes unpacked in there!) I made it a point to buy a desk or build one yesterday and I did just that with this $10 Craigslist find.
The middle drawer was busted and I fixed it along with taking wood putty and filling in any holes from the original hardware that the previous owner didn't bother to do when they added the new hardware. I also sanded it slightly and whipped out my good old friend, Zinsser Cover Stain and slapped a half ass job of primer with a sponge brush on the old thing. Now, I did all of this work outside in the sun and I used solar energy to speed this process along. Basically, I didn't want a piece of shiny new furniture; I wanted something fun and distressed that I could be creative with in my craft room. I was too cheap lazy tired busy to go to the store for a turquoise colored paint so I rummaged through my acrylic stuff. It took about 5 minutes for the primer to dry so I grabbed a new sponge brush and painted the desk blue with acrylic paint right out of the bottle.
And right before the sun set, the sky itself gave me the idea to smear a little bright red acrylic paint here and there on the desk.
This afternoon, I started in on my desk again with some white paint I used to paint the dressers I did a few months ago. I was bummed though; it was too clean and smooth and thick and covered up all the brush marks I'd left earlier. Also, it was such good quality paint, it didn't do anything for me when I tried sanding it.
Oh well, I sat there mixing red, blue, green, yellow and purple acrylic paint because I didn't have any stain at the house and I was too cheap lazy tired excited to drive to the store to get stain. I had a nice brown color but dumped in too much greed at the end and wound up with a dirty gray color. Shit happens and I just went with it. Oh well! I dipped in my sponge brush and grabbed a dirty rag off the garage floor and wiped the gray on like it was a stain. I'm plenty imaginative and just pretended I bought what I actually needed.
I liked it! I ALMOST left it this gray color but I'm so happy I had taken a picture of the desk when it was blue. I figured the best way to get a light wash was to go back to my original blue color but add a little water to the acrylic paint. I did just that and used the same dirty rag to rub it off in some areas. I finished my project by distressing it with sandpaper. I had to really scrub hard to get the look I wanted. What ended up happening was the red and blue and gray from earlier peeked through in some places. I'm really happy with how the desk turned out. Better yet, the project was so stress free. Basically, I just kept layering and sanding until I got the look I wanted. Better yet, the sun dried the paint so fast!
One last thing I HAVE got to add too it that the finish on this piece is so SMOOTH!!! Sanding the desk top a little bit made the desk so sleek and shiny. I almost like the finish on this better than the dresser I did before. The acrylic paint also added a little bit of shine to it. I'm sure if you wanted a glossy finish, you could top this with a wax or polyurethane coat. However, I'm much too cheap lazy tired satisfied with how this piece turned out!

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