April 13, 2012

I'm back!!! And I missed Easter :(

Sometimes a little R&R is all you need to refresh your creativity! I will give plenty forewarning that I might not be as amazingly productive as I have been the past two months now that my little ones are home and keeping me busier than ever. However, I will do my best and post as often as I can starting with what we did on Easter. Now, I know it's late and useless to anyone now but I'm giving you 52 weeks to plan for next Easter! In fact, I've been running around so crazy these past two weeks that I thought Easter was THIS weekend, not LAST weekend! Oops!
Anyhow, without further delay, these are the eggs we died this year:

Here's a close up:

I can certainly not take credit for coming up with this genius, mess free, not to mention BEAUTIFUL method of egg dying. I have to thank Sara and Kate over at
Ourbestbites.com for this one! They give a wonderful tutorial and I have no additional suggestions to add other than what I used to tie up the eggs. I used the old school pony tail holders with the balls because I didn't have twist ties on hand. Here is the link to the tutorial: http://www.ourbestbites.com/2012/03/silk-dyed-eggs-aka-tie-dyed/
Also, I allowed the kids to get in on the messiest dessert I've ever made. It also created a mountain of dishes. This was simple really. I saw the cutest chocolate covered apples at Disney World and decided to make peanut butter, dark chocolate and white chocolate covered rice krispie treat bunnies. The kids put the eyes and noses and ear on and made some of the balls.

Here are more of my inspirations with my suggestions for next season as well. You can find the link to all these photo at my pinterest account too.

I really like this door hanging put think this would be great in a white half teapot. I saw tea pots cut in half at the Bachman house when I did the tour in MN. Add ribbon and hang indoors and I think it would be lovely!

This is a great wreath too. I would use a larger bow and a bird in place of the butterfly. You can go crazy with any assortment of egg colors and patterns and even wrap the frame with the grass.

They sell giant paper mache eggs at Hobby lobby and I believe that these would make fantastic eggs for a centerpiece. You can creatively decorate the egg using modge podge or glitter and put a beautiful bouquet of ranaculus or tulips inside. I'm definitely doing this next year. In fact, I bought my egg at 66% off already!

What is so wonderful about this idea it that you aren't limited to Easter. The clear version of these vases are sold anywhere from target to tjmaxx. You can put anything and everything in these vases all season long.

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