March 2, 2012

Worse than Waiting on Paint to Dry... Prepping for Paint

I decided that getting a room ready to paint is far worse than sitting back and waiting on it to dry. I mean, I can at least get a blog post updated or sleep while it dries! I was half way through cutting in all the trim in the kids' bathroom today when I felt like the YouTube sensation "David and the Dentist" when he said, "Is this gonna be forever?". That's when I threw my brush down and devised a trick much quicker and cleaner than blue painter's tape and an angled bristle brush. Now, I'm no painter and this is just my method and it's kind of like a "duh" tip.
I noticed that after putting that stupid painter's tape down, sometimes it would fall off the ceiling and sometimes it would separate from the trim and sometimes, paint gets behind the tape or peels up when I pull it off. VERY ANNOYING after going to the trouble to tape it off in the first place!
See here where I've pulled back the tape and it looks like crap?

I went and got my trusty, cheap, 2" foam brush and went to work using the technique I'm about to describe after I cussed out and removed the tape I spent a few hours putting on this morning.
First, dip your foam brush in the paint, only putting about 1/4" of the brush in the paint like so:

Then, starting about 1/4" above the trim, smear on a straight line.

Redip your brush in the paint to 1/4" again and hold it perpendicular to the line of paint you just smeared on.

Now, gently push your brush up and down in a small "v" pattern to create a straight line.

When you do this, the paint will be a little thicker right at the edge you are creating. (I will explain why this is so awesome later.) Next, Swipe your brush parallel to the trim to smooth out the paint. And ta-da, you have your first coat on and you are ready to fill in the walls with the roller!

Now, I said this will save you time and that there's an awesome part coming. Here's the awesome part! When you return to do your second coat, you can zip right through cutting the edges in because you won't need to go all the way to the edge. You can get really close, but it's already a little thicker so you don't have to follow the line exactly. Just get close enough to blend the second coat with the edge of the first coat and you literally zoom through the second coat of edging! I was able to finish two coats on the girls' bathroom and finish it entirely in one day. And you guessed it, I'm just waiting for paint to dry right now!

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