March 7, 2012

Upstairs Guest Room

I am so sorry for the delay in this post! Even more so, I'm sorry that the unveiling of this room isn't complete! Since Monday, I've been pulled in several directions and I had things to attend to before I could really get in and have fun with this room. I had no inspiration or picture in my head when I started. I simply "went with it" only knowing I would be putting all the antique furniture in this guest room. I'm still missing mattresses for this room but I already have the linens and bedspread picked out. No really cool projects are in this room yet and I need to find some lamps as well. But alas, it is DRAMATICALLY different from how it looked before and I love how it is coming along. Each room is becoming my favorite over the one I finished before. Keep looking for tags linked back to this room as I fill it with cool stuff here and there.

Obviously, it's dark outside but this was the best I could do with my camera. I will be taking more pictures during daylight because the flash doesn't do this room any justice! And... I am in need of new lamps as I mentioned before. Who would have thought I'd ever chose Gold curtains? Yes, GOLD curtains to accent this room. However, the gold in the antique frames pop and it pulls the gold out of the antique dresser hardware too.

Shopping for a curtain tie back tomorrow and I have some old family photos I will be blowing up for the frames. Oh! Some of those frames are cheap Goodwill finds as well as expensive antiques! But ya can't tell.... :)

I'm not showing you the other side of this room yet either. It's still a work in progress and pictures during the day will be better anyways. I was just too excited not to share something!

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