March 8, 2012

Time for a DIY

I spent most of today painting...again. The problem with painting today wasn't that I got to spread a new color on a beautiful made over room. No, I got to stand in a damn closet and paint something that no one sees. BORING!!! I then proceeded to paint a laundry room. Not a fancy one; that would be fun! I painted your standard accordion door, in a hall, nothing spectacular laundry room. BLAH!
So basically, it's been raining all day, my work has been blah so I needed to spark my creativity because I was doing that thing I used to do as a kid today. You know that thing! That thing where you feel like petting your cat, but you are really bored and don't really want to be petting your cat, but instead be running with your dog and the pent up energy results in petting the cat way to hard and it runs away fearing its life? Ha.. okay, so maybe that was just me. What I meant, by totally going off track, was that all I could think about was doing something else and I got impatient and was slopping paint all over the place. Either way, no animals were harmed in the making of this next post!
Because J has been prepping the playroom, I thought I'd have some creative time making art for the playroom walls. In the old house, I had giant poster frames of their drawings and I will do that too. I just wanted something cute and personal of them over where I will have their art station and easel. I had seen floating around Etsy some crayon art. That's when I got my idea. For this project, you will need the following:

(Crayons in a big pack of 120 or two boxes of 64, Black scrapbook paper, hot glue and lots of glue sticks, scissors, a HEAT GUN and two canvases)

Next, I browsed my computer for pictures of the kids playing and blew them up and simply printed them in black and white on standard old computer paper my printer. I put the black paper underneath and cut out the silhouettes of the kids.

Then, I laid out crayons so that they were the length of the canvas in shades of blue, gray, black and white. I had just enough from the giant pack of crayons. I glued these down, one by one, to the top of the canvas with the labels all facing the same direction.

I put my silhouettes on the canvas at the bottom and modge podged them on. As you can see, I was going for the look of the kids running through the rain.

Here's where things get tricky and messy. This was my first time doing this and I had it down by the end of my project. I wish that hadn't been the case and I like the way the second one came out better. However, listen to this advice to avoid common errors I made. I have no pictures of this process because I needed two hands. Lay newspaper down on your floor. I work best from my floor for most of my projects. Pull a chair or trash can or something up to your work space so that the canvas can lie at and angle and rest against it. Hold your heat gun (NOT HAIR DRYER unless you want to splatter wax everywhere) about 1-2" from the TIPS of the first few crayons below the paper line. If you heat above this point, the wax seeps onto the paper around the crayon and it doesn't look as good. It takes a few seconds for the wax to start dripping but have a hold of your canvas when it starts to run so you can tilt it back to slow the dripping. Do this carefully along the length of your canvas and when you're done, you will have something like this:

I followed my advice for the second canvas creating a rainbow effect:


  1. looks great, I am planning to do one shortly. I dont have a glue gun though, do you think elmers glue or mod podge with hold the crayons up

    1. Im not sure how well the mod podge will hold. Maybe if you put down the glue and left the crayons in it for several hours. I,think you would be better off grabbing some 50% off coupons to joans (especially with president's day this weekend) and buying a gun. My concern is that as you line them up, they will slip with mod podge and you don't want gaps between crayons. Also, make sure u use a heat gun not hair dryer. I also found it was better looking is I aimed the heat just near the tip of the crayon. I started by aiming in the middle and I hate the look of the waxy paper as it absorbs the oil from the crayon. I hope this helps and good luck!