March 11, 2012

Three in One Blow

I am exhausted!!! J and I painted three rooms today; the playroom, my craft room and what we are no calling my home office. (The home office was originally another guest room but, due to a boom in business, I don't feel comfortable taking people upstairs to the sitting room/office area.) J spent Friday evening and last night putting the final touches on the trim while I agonized over paint colors. I feel the hardest part of this renovation has actually been deciding on colors.
In fact, as much as I love the upstairs hall color, I fell in love with a different color last night and we will be repainting. Because I have been asked several questions about what color paint I use and what brand, I have added all paint color choices to a separate tab on the homepage.
Since all we did today was paint, sadly, I don't have the greatest photos to share. All rooms are sitting empty as we were too tired to unpack and we didn't finish painting until after 9pm tonight. So here are just a few teasers to show progress on those three rooms.

Half Way done:

I haven't been able to get to these boxes to unpack yet! That's what I'll be doing tomorrow after work.

Great work on the trim J!!

This yellow is what we are attempting to paint over:

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