March 10, 2012

Projects From the Past

No new projects were started today due to work and a 12 hour seminar then more work from home. Since this blog is new, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to showcase some older projects from the past. WARNING:these pictures were taken before I ever thought I'd share them with the world! I don't have step by step photos but I did provide written instruction. Just grin and bare with me!

This is a wreath I made for my mother-in-law out of an old book and collected fallen leaves. I took a wire hanger and bent it into a "U" shape. Then, I took one of the leaves that I collected from outside and made a pattern on cardboard. I hit up Goodwill for a really old book with yellowed pages and traced the leaf pattern and cut out individual leaves. Next, I took a 6" piece of craft wire and tucked it between two cutouts and glued them together with a glue stick. I added a real leaf to the stem I made on the book leaf and wrapped them with floral tape to secure it together in a bunch. I did this for about 200 leaves until I had a huge amount of bundles to work with. Than, I began wrapping the wire stems of the bundles around the "U" shaped hanger for for a full wreath. I wrapped the top with a simple ribbon and a bow.


For this project, I took scrapbook paper and cut out half of a tree on two sheets. I turned them to mirror one another and placed each one in identical picture frames. I spent the next hour or so cutting out leaves from two complimentary green paper sheets. I also made red apples from paper as well. I wrote the family member names on the leaves; men on one color, women on the other and any children between them were writen on apples. To personalize the family tree, I took a paper clip and scratched/carved the names of the gift recipient into the trunk. The idea here is "the apple doean't fall far from the tree". I really wish I had better photos of this project I made!


This project is easy as pie and messy fun for the kids! I laid out a sheet of paper on the bathroom floor and sat the kids on a stool in front of the paper. I took acrylic paint and a cotton ball and dabbed it on one foot at a time. I lined up where I wanted their foot to go and had them stand. Then, I washed the painted foot and repeated the above steps. I took a paintbrush and added a swirly body and drew a face with a sharpie when it was all dry.

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