March 16, 2012

Play Room

I worked until the wee hours last night getting the playroom organized. I'm not ready for the final reveal but here is one of my favorite storage solution to date and I made it with things lying around the house! I have a huge problem with messes. I don't like pieces and parts floating about. I do love flash cards but hate the mess that comes along with them. The little cardboard boxes don't hold up and they end of here and there and everywhere. I found a bag of these plastic clips while I was unpacking. I also noticed they were sitting close to and empty picture frame and I picked one up and got to wondering what to do with the flash cards as I whirled the clip around in my hand on a nail. DING!!! Idea!
I took and old set of sheets and used the fabric to create a nice pretty surface over a piece of cardboard the same size as the back of this poster frame. Then I just nailed holes in an orderly way, sorted the pile of cards, clipped them together and here we have my storage solution!

I decided I like the idea of the sheet as fabric so much, I cut more fabric off the sheet and started gluing (with fabric glue) the same material to my existing baskets for a different look.

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