March 7, 2012

Painting Moulding

We spent tonight prepping the playroom for paint. Moulding/trim paint that is. I've had a few questions about the trim so, before I get into my little art project for the room, let me try and answer all those questions in one post. First, the trim in our home is solid oak. Because it is more expensive, being a strong wood, compared to polymer or poplar, we didn't want to spend the extra money replacing it all with solid wood painted white or something cheaper and more affordable like the polymer. It has a lacquer on it and it's NOT painted.
We started in E's room because we had never taken on a project like this before and figured most won't see the children's' rooms. We bought a heavy duty sprayer from home depot with a warranty. We always do the extended warranties and again, I"m glad we did. By the time we had reached H's room, the sprayer quit working properly, even after troubleshooting. Basically, the machine wasn't built to last as long as we needed it to. Not even a full two rooms!
J talked to his friend, a contractor, and he brought by his commercial spray machine for us to borrow. It sprays much wider compared to the one bought at home depot and the quality of the spray is over all much better. What we have discovered through trial and error is that there must be two coats of a product called gripper on the trim before we paint it. We do not sand and we do not try and strip the lacquer off of it. The gripper provides a special grip for the paint and makes it durable for normal wear and tear and it won't crack, peel, or smudge later. You MUST wait a long time in between coats though. It will become tacky if you don't and it's important to put a light coat on and then heavier coat the nest time.
We have only been using the Behr Ultra Premium paint with primer and we chose the ultra white in a semi-gloss. I've talked to other contractors who say they use a muted white but I feel like it looks dirty so I really like the BRIGHT white myself. We will be replacing the carpets next year but still, we didn't want to get paint all over it. I shared a tip earlier, while doing E's room, about using vertical blinds and cardboard to slide under the trim and carpet. This is what we did and then we covered the floors and glass part of the windows with plastic. We removed all the doors and hardware and sprayed these separately in our unfinished basement. We also taped plastic on the backside of the door to create what looked like a scene out of Dexter.

You definitely want to wear a mask and goggles because, even though you have sealed everything off, paint dust gets EVERYWHERE!! I am still cleaning up paint dust. It get in, on and around the barrier you create and it's a mess no matter what you do. I couldn't imagine having the kids here for this. It's on everything and is such a mess!! But, we are only paying for paint and although it is taking time, we are saving lots of money. And, I like doing this kind of stuff a lot!!
I would recommend renting a commercial grade sprayer if you attempt this project at home. I'm sure you could remove the trim first and spray it somewhere else. You would have to be very cautions not to break it while removing it or damaging it though. Then, you have all the finishing nails to buy and making sure it's level and filling holes. It's really up to you and what you want to attempt. I'm not a professional, I'm just a girl who takes on big projects and figures out what works best!
If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me. We only get better at it the more we do it. I'm really excited to get the living rooms done here soon because I am so happy with the outcome thus far!

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