March 4, 2012

Kids' Bathroom Part 3

I started hanging things up in the bathroom yesterday but then hit a creative block. Instead, I ran some errands to help get inspired and went through some old pictures I had taken on my phone when I was out browsing weeks ago. I went to bed refreshed and woke up this morning very pleased with how the bathroom turned out.
I'm still looking for a few things though. I need some kind of shelf for over the toilet and a bad ass toilet paper holder that looks like a branch or something. You can see why from the pictures. :)
The girls' bathroom is divided up into two rooms: the Jack and Jill vanity and sinks and a door that leads to the the tub and toilet. I still have some work to do on the vanity so that isn't pictured yet. That, and I'm not 100% done cleaning the tools and boxes off the sink. It was late. I was hungry.


You would never guess that I framed and matted a place mat, would you?

Here is where I need a cool toilet paper hook:

I just ADORE this wall of photos taken of my kids at different ages in the tub!

Here's a bow holder I made out of an old picture frame, ribbon and left over shower curtain fabric:

And here is my most favorite part of the whole bathroom!!!

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