March 2, 2012

Kids' Bathroom Part 2

I mentioned in the previous post that I bought some coordinating hand towels. Well, as I was hanging up the shower curtain I'd just made, I noticed that the bath towels I let the girls pick out 6 months ago actually matched perfectly. But it wasn't good enough. I had an idea how to make them BETTER! HA HA HA... I yanked the towels off the towel bars, began twisting that invisible mustache again and ran to get my scissors and sewing machine! This was gonna be good....
I started with a plain white towel and sewed ribbon I had bought onto the bottom hem.

I attached the wide ribbon first using a straight stitch.

Then I sewed on the rickrack with a straight stitch too.

I cut up the towel with the owls standing on end and I had 4 cute owls, two pinkish and two bluish.

Next, I pinned the owl in place, off center, and sewed it onto the towel using the longest stitch for a zig zag and the closest stitch setting.

This is how it looked when I was done:

Here are the towels I sewed with the hand towel I bought. I am very pleased with how all 4 towels came out looking!

Here's the best part:
4 bath towels = $12
hand towel = $1.20
ribbon= $4
TOTAL = $17.20
That's 4 beautiful towels for less than one at Pottery Barn Kids! God, I love making stuff!!!

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