March 2, 2012

The Kids' Bathroom Part 1

Every now and then, a piece of fabric catches my eye and a million ideas flash in my head of what I can do with it. This happened to me a few months ago when an apron at Kohls caught my eye. I always carry my phone with me to take pictures of "stuff" so I snapped a picture for color inspiration in a kid's bathroom and walked on. A few isles later, the same fabric was on a table cloth and I snatched it up and drove off giddy with a few coordinating towels. I had a plan!!!

I stopped off at my second home, Joann's, and picked up a few grommets, ribbon and drove home twisting my invisible mustache as I devised my plan of attack for the best bathroom EVER! I was turning that table cloth into a shower curtain! Here's how I did it:
You are going to need a hammer, a package of grommets that contain the grommet tool, a tape measure, a pen, scissors and enough fabric to give you a 60"x60" square. I have already sewed the 80"x100" tablecloth into a square too by the way.

I thought there was some way around the grommet tool but there's not, so but the package that has this. Skip on the grommet fastener because that thing is expensive and about as necessary as a bag of sand at the beach. Plus, once you have the tool, you can add grommets to anything your heart desires later.
Most shower curtains have 12 holes for hanging and I used the shower liner to make finding the hole location much easier. I measured down a little ways, as you can see, and put the grommet on the shower curtain and traced the hole with the pen. Make sure you trace the little hole, NOT the coordinating big one!

Next I simply cut an "X" in the circle I drew. I did this for all 12 circles I drew.

I pushed the male part of the grommet through the hole next.

Find a hard surface, I used a cutting board, and place the round grommet tool beneath the piece you just pushed through the hole. Put the female grommet (the big circle) over the male piece sticking out of the fabric and put the long grommet tool on top of that.

And now the fun part... take your hammer and whack the crap out of the grommet tool. Think about how your husband didn't take out the trash... AGAIN or how much it irritates you cleaning up after the dinner you spent all day cooking. Just whack away and it will look like this when you are done!

Do this for all the grommets and pat yourself on the back, for you have just made a shower curtain!


  1. Wow! I love this! Your so clever! Why don't I have these visions when I am shopping?

  2. Thank you! My latest problem is that I've come full circle with the house and I'm ready to redo the first rooms I renovated already! That, and I haven't had enough time to update the projects I've done this Fall!

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