March 14, 2012

Home Office Part 1

I'm pretty sure that's the last time I attempt to decorate three rooms at once. My craft room is still a disaster, the playroom is mostly boxes but I got my home office done; well almost done. Turns out the filing cabinet I had for in there was way too big! I'm going to redo the existing credenza we have and I need two more picture frames and she will be done. We did all the trim white and I've got nice blinds on the windows now. Keep checking back for more pictures of the final product!


Here's proof I have eight years of schooling and invested thousands of dollars

This is a wall of memorabilia from athletes I have treated

The main reason these rooms are taking me forever is because I'm missing essential items like frames and storage solutions. I spent part of the thrift shopping looking for fun odds and ends for all three rooms. I did come with a few goodies for projects later. I can't wait to share here soon!

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