March 20, 2012

Guest Bathroom

I cried my eyes out over the bathroom last night and tackled it with more tears this morning. However, I feel as though I've come out on top. What I thought was so much of a disaster, that I would have to rip out the existing tub, actually came clean after three hours of hard core scrubbing!

How gross is it that people were actually attepting to get clean in here?


I also bleached down all the cabinets and got the exisiting hair out of it.... EWWWW!!! I'm still seriously scarred from that. It was the hair. Hair EVERYWHERE that got me! Here are som pictures I took of what I cleaned up.



INSIDE THE DRAWERS: (see the hair!?!?!?!?!)

THE WINDOW LEDGES: (Can you believe mud?)

HAIR ALL OVER THE WALLS: (This is a little harder to see, but not if you zoom in. It's hair. Hair just sticking to the walls!!! BARF!!)

So, as you can see, I spent most of my day cleaning before I could even paint. I did finally get to the painting and I did get the first coat on. Here's a teaser of of my work in progress.

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