February 15, 2012

In over my head...

I knew the house was dirty... beyond filthy even. I just didn't know people could be THIS dirty! To catch you up on what has been going on, we closed on the house last, Friday night. That evening, we began cleaning and took a peek of the house without the previous owner's furniture. It was worse than I even anticipated! I only had half of Saturday to clean, between work and moving all day Sunday, and I all I managed to, get done was mopping the wood floors, cleaning the cook top and peeling wallpaper, vacuuming and dusting and washing out the fridge. I worked all day... it's just THAT dirty!
Cleaning the existing cook top was the hardest thing I've ever had to clean. I'm honestly not exaggerating when I say I spent almost 9 hours scrubbing it in order to see metal instead of cooked grease and burnt food. My tip for you here is pour a little hydrogen peroxide in a bowl and add enough baking SODA to form a paste. The grease was cooked on... possibly since 2003 without having been wiped down once. I'm serious!! My second top is white vinegar. It's my other "go to" cleaner from wiping down the floors before steaming, to removing,the old dog pee from my closet carpet, to pulling out coffee stains from carpet to mixing with baking soda for another great chemical free solution!



Thanks to my newly purchased Shark steam cleaner, my job cleaning became much easier! I highly recommend to anyone who is living that they should own one. It's worth every penny as long as you get the one that converts to a handheld tool as well. I used it for everything from walls to floors and the house smells so much better now that it has been sterilized with steam too.
GUESTROOM (Will become our formal dining room) BEFORE:


While peeling wallpaper out of the guest room bathroom, we also discovered mold. The owners had tried to hide this by painting over the wallpaper. Very Clever but it was hideously painted so bound to be found.

Another thing I didn't expect to find... roaches. I've only found one alive roach but several dead ones including inside the fridge. The same fridge the owners took their food out of just a few days before we moved in. GROSS!! But, to make a safe fume free non toxic roach killer that is sure to work better than pesticides, mix 4 cups of Borax, 2 cups of flour, and 1 cup of sugar in a large bowl and spread it around the baseboards in every room in your home. I did this and I haven't seen a bug again.


But for now, my house is still a disaster and I have four rooms that are floor to ceiling boxes. Once I get the kitchen clean and organized, we are going to start with the girls' rooms. I figure is I can get them repainted, then I can unpack their clothes and free up room in their to be playroom so I can unpack their toys.

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