February 19, 2012

IKEA Hacking (make something old into something new)

I've mentioned on my family blog how I love turning old clothes into new clothes so why not do that with furniture? While packing up the house, I was staring at H's bed and decided I didn't like it anymore. We bought the IKEA Malm bed off craigslist when we lived in GA because we were desperate to own a bed and the space we had was really tiny. Jeremy said No so reluctantly, I took the bed apart dreading to rebuild it in the new house.

That was until I got the newest edition of Pottery Barn Kids and came across the prettiest bed. In case you didn't know, I'm a sucker for nail head trim and crystal chandeliers. This bed was perfect for my vision and then I got to brainstorming...

I had J run to the hardware store for me after I spent the night with a glass of wine, a box top, pen and my conversion calculator. I had a queen sized bed so I needed some plywood 66.5" long and 18" high. I also need lots of screw, staples for my gun and some L-brackets. Meanwhile, I ran to the fabric store and bought 4.75 yards of fabric a 5 yards of 2" batting and some silver nail head trim.

Here's what I did:
1) I attached 4 L-brackets to the plywood

2) Then I screwed the plywood to the headboard

3)I carefully laid the headboard down being attentive to the brackets making sure not to bend them. I took some left over plywood and placed it on the front of the headboard to secure it a little better.

4)Once that was screwed in place, I cut the 2" batting to fit the headboard and secured it with a few staples so it didn't move while I measured the rest of the batting to fit

5)I attached a second row of batting, making sure to cut out a space for the side rails to attach later

6)Next, I took my fabric a stapled it to the bottom of the headboard where it would be covered by the mattress. I proceeded to staple the fabric as I pulled it tightly to get a nice even look

7)I carefully folded up the corners like a present and stapled them

8)Then I nailed the trim in place

9) I did the same thing with the foot board

10)I also covered the side rails but did not use batting. Instead, I had to be careful getting under the slight ledge on the side.

PRESTO!!! My $2000 pottery barn bed 4 hours and a blister later for $100!

Stay tuned to see the bed in the room with bedding once paint dries in the room here in a few days!


  1. Hi,

    This is such a great idea, where are the end results. I have a malm bd too but with IKEA quality I'm afraid to take it apart without damaging frame. Was yours new?

  2. My bed was a year old before I transformed it. The end results without the box spring are posted above. The quality of the ikea furniture didn't effect the outcome negatively in anyway. My daughter is still using her bed and we haven't had any problems with the structure or new materials added at all!

  3. More pictures are also posted here: http://roofaboveus.blogspot.com/2012/03/kids-rooms-unveiled.html

  4. How did you reassemble the bed back together if all the holes and screws were covered in fabric? Thanks! :)